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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Too Many Blogs and Too Many Tweets!

Ack! Too many blogs and too many tweets! Lately I've found that, in an effort to increase my online presence, I've over zealously committed myself to too many online things. With my Twitter account, my Facebook account (both personal and artist), and two blogs, I've found that I just can't keep up. Instead, I've been ignoring both blogs and Twitter, making them all completely useless and whatever effort I do put into them fairly wasted. Lets face it, with a regular job, a husband, and the determination to become a successful artist, I don't have the time to waste on useless social media activities!

So, how do I fix this? Well, I'm not entirely sure. Remember, I'm still figuring all this out. Hence the "emerging" part in the title of this blog. However, I have decided that in order for something to be useful it needs to have some sort of purpose and so far there hasn't been much of a purpose to this blog or to my #draw 365 blog. And so, I'm paring down. I'm getting rid of my #draw 365 blog. I will still try to draw everyday as just a good habit, but I don't need to share it with the world.

Next, I'm revamping this blog! It will now have a purpose. My plan is to go back to my original plan of writing about what it's like to be an emerging artist and making this blog be a place that other new and emerging artists can come and find a place to empathize. I also want to have it be a useful resource. I'm going to feature a website in each blog that I've found to be of help. Check out the nifty new "Useful Links For The Emerging Artist" box on the right side of this page!

On to Twitter. Oh Twitter, Twitter, Twitter, how I love you and loathe you. When I'm using Twitter regularly my website hits go way up, and I know that it is a great way to get my artwork out to new viewers and meet other artists. However, sheesh, it's hard to keep up with everything. So, I guess I'll be doing a little bit of Twitter organizing. I'll try to use TweetDeck in hopes of organizing all the tweets and seeing the ones in which I'm most interested. Then, I'll try and log on at least twice a day to respond to and interact with the other Twits.

Phew! I hope this works!

Featured Websites

As promised, I'm ending this blog with a website and a blog that I've found useful over the past week. They are:

www.skinnyartist.com: I've only just discovered this website and admittedly haven't had a chance to go through and read all that it has to offer. It has wonderful blogs that give useful advice and a newsletter that is actually worth subscribing to, and as far as I know, you don't have to be skinny to read it.

http://madisonzyluk.com/blog/twitter-sins-socialmedia : What a useful blog post to help you navigate some of the don'ts Twitter use. I know I'll be taking a few of the points to heart as I rediscover how to use Twitter!

1 comment:

  1. First of all, what a great post Elisabeth and congratulations to you for taking a step back and reevaluating why we're all doing this Twitter/Facebook stuff in the first place.

    I think sometimes we all just sign up for these social media doodads because it seems like it's what we're supposed to do. Then eventually we get completely overwhelmed with it all and end up curled up in the fetal position figuring what's the point.

    Also, thank you for the kind Skinny shoutout! I really hope that you get the chance to stop by and hang out with us a bit. We are extremely lucky to have so many incredible artists (excluding myself) who are dealing with a lot of these same issues. Sometimes it's simply nice to know that we're not alone.

    Thanks again Elisabeth and I hope to hear from you again soon!

    P.S. "Skinny" is (thankfully) just a state of mind ;)